"A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step"  -Lao Tzu

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Wearing blue light blocking glasses really makes a difference.  Not only does it help prevent my eyes from feeling tired worn by the end of the day, I'm always in a much better state to fall asleep when I get into bed.  That's because blue light slows your body's natural production of melatonin.

If you want go to with a premium pair, Gunnar Optiks makes some nice ones...the first below is a winner and sets you back about $40. 

For a morebudget-friendly price, the top selling blue light blockers on Amazon are actually a 2 pack for under $20! Made by Livho, these are a steal!


Amazing Grass "fizz tablets" are my to-go each morning.  I prefer them over any other brand powder I've tried. The bubbles and flavors make them actually drinkable (what a concept)!  They're at a better price per tab than any major brand out there that I've found. My favorite flavor lately has been Orange, but they have 9 different flavors now and I haven't tried them all yet.Check them out!